e*thirteen TRS Race Carbon 29 Front Wheel

e*thirteen TRSr Wheelset Review

November 2016 Reviewed by: Scotty

How could I ever justify carbon wheels? How can anybody? Averaging somewhere around $2500, you might as well just buy a second bike. Having said that, it should be noted that a good wheelset is (in my opinion) the single best upgrade that you can make to enhance your bike's performance. After just having tested ENVE's M60 HV wheels, I was primed and ready to give e*thirteen's TRSr carbon wheels a spin.


My initial impression was that the TRSr wheels were almost too stiff. When I was just taking it easy and cruising, these wheels were a bit unforgiving. But when it was time to race, chase that KOM, or just get my ass in gear, these wheels lit up. They delivered insane amounts of predictability and tracking through any size of rock garden, were incredibly snappy in corners, and gave super direct tire feedback that let me know exactly what my tires were doing beneath me.

One contributing factor to the wheelset's stiffness is the TRSr hubs and their oversized carbon hub shells and flanges. The combination of the carbon hub shell, short spokes, and carbon rim made for a rather efficient package.


In the same way that testing kneepads (hopefully) doesn't involve actually testing them, categorizing a wheelset as "durable" is tough. I have been running these wheels for about 6 months now and I haven't yet had a TRSr wheel explode or give me a single issue. Having smacked them on entirely too many rocks thus far, I can say that if these were fragile wheels, they would have broken by now.

The ultra-fast engaging hubs have proven to create no hassle for me in either short or long-term testing. My rear wheel did come slightly out of true after crashing and stuffing a rock through the drive side spokes of my rear wheel, but not only was it to be expected, it was easily fixed.


At 1690 grams (ENVE's M60 HVs weighed in at 1650), these wheels are what I would classically call an "exceptional value" at $1600. Given that the TRSr wheels are about $1000 less than those of the competition, and essentially equal in terms of performance, why buy anything else? e*thirteen's hubs are lightning fast, sound totally killer, and make for a responsive ride.

Bottom Line

e*thirteen's TRSr wheels deliver big on quality and stiffness without asking much from the buyer. e*thirteen is here to prove that you don't have to be rich or fast to have the best on the market. Note: I'd recommend running these wheels with the TRS tires for incredibly easy setup and entirely too much traction.

e*thirteen TRS Race Carbon 29 Front Wheel
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Review Summary

The Pros

Super stiff, crazy cheap compared to average market cost for carbon wheelsets, and really built to last. The hubs sound great and sport ultra-fast engagement.

The Cons

Though it's a steal as far as carbon wheels are concerned, the $1600 price tag could still be a little steep for some. There are slightly lighter choices available.

The Verdict

These wheels are unbeatable in every category except weight (and even there, it's by incredibly small margins). e*thirteen's pricing, quality, and durability will be unbeatable for years to come, and who knows what they'll have up their sleeves at that point.

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