Castelli Men's Mondiale Bibshort

Castelli Mondiale Bib Shorts

July 2016 Reviewed by: Sean

Castelli, an icon of Italian design, creates cycling apparel for the world's elite riders. UCI World Tour team Cannondale Drapac relies on the Italian manufacturer for kit that's stylish and enhances performance.

Castelli's Mondiale bib shorts are positioned as the pinnacle of luxury. These are for cycling performance junkies eager to train hard while sporting sleek and stylish kit.


In the Mondiale, simplicity allows for functionality, which is what every road cyclist wants and needs—especially while blazing down mountain passes at ludicrous speed. Castelli's Mondiale bib shorts remind me of a buzz cut. You know, a simple, airy, low-maintenance hairstyle.

The very first thing I noticed about the Mondiale was the seamless bottom. When I slithered into these bibs for the first time, it was very comforting to not be prodded by irritating, chafing stitching.

Next, the Mondiale bibs breathe well. Interestingly, Castelli only rates the Mondiale to 77 degrees. However, as temperatures soared—especially with summer approaching on the Central Coast—I managed to remain surprisingly refreshed. Miniature holes on the bib backing did wonders for moisture transfer.

Lastly, the Mondiale Bibs are low maintenance. In fact, they provide maintenance. Castelli has included a lowered front panel, which allows for simplified restroom access—that feature was much appreciated.


To me, the three factors that can make or break a pair of shorts are the chamois, the seams, and the leg gripper.

Castelli's Progetto X2 Air chamois makes you feel like you are sitting on a memory foam pillow. This chamois kept my sit bones and perineum happy after five intense hours in the saddle, which is quite a feat. Also, after numerous rides and washes, it has not deteriorated.

As previously mentioned, Castelli's Mondiale has a seamless bottom, which made for exceptional chafe-free comfort.

I'm ambivalent about the silicone leg gripper on these bibs. At the end of lengthy adventures, I was not left with a substantial indentation from a clamping cuff, which made me a fan. But, the trade off is that the hems move up just a bit, especially since the Modiales run a bit shorter. No discomfort resulted and for those not eager to cultivate razor-sharp tan lines, this is not an issue. Individual rider thigh length will also influence the holding power of the leg gripper.


Castelli's Mondiale bib shorts fit snugly, but are not as encasing as an aerodynamic race cut bib.

Typically, at a lean 6'3", I wear a size large bib short. However, for Castelli bibs, I prefer an extra-large size. The Mondiale bibs are consistent with my preference for sizing up.

Bottom Line

Castelli's Mondiale bib short is a prime addition to the wardrobe of elite, performance roadies. When searching for functional, comfortable, no-nonsense bibs, stop, drop, and commit to the Mondiales.

Castelli Men's Mondiale Bibshort
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Review Summary

The Pros

Progetto X2 Air chamois, seamless bottom design is comfortable, aerodynamic, and stylish.

The Cons

Lackluster silicone leg gripper, However, depending on the rider, bib short length will vary and influence the leg gripper's might.

The Verdict

The Castelli Mondiale bib short is an undeniable upgrade to your cycling wardrobe. Even though it carries a substantial price tag, I stand behind the Mondiale's value. Instead of purchasing two average bib shorts, go with the Mondiales and don't worry about flimsy, itchy, stuffy bibs.

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