Chromag Fubar OSX 35 Riser Handlebar 800mm

Chromag Fubar OSX 35 800mm Alloy Handlebar

October 2016 Reviewed by: Luke

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Chromag, admiring their origins as underground manufacturers of steel frames and components. While flat pedals were the first Chromag product I coveted, I've heard good things about their handlebars. I was excited about bolting up the Fubars with their Raging Bear logo leading the way.

The Chromag Fubar OSX 35 800 has a 25 millimeter rise, 35 millimeter clamping diameter, and five-degrees of upsweep with eight-degrees of backsweep. For reference, my last handlebar was a Race Face Atlas alloy.


Tipping the scales at 312 grams, the Fubar OSX 35 can't be faulted for being heavy. Other high-end 800 millimeter alloy bars are within several grams of the Fubars. Because they’re double-butted, you'll lose more weight if you choose to cut them down compared to a triple-butted handlebar, which will also be more expensive than the Fubars.

Ride Qualities

In what could be a happy accident, I left the Fubars at their stock 800 millimeter length. I usually cut bars down to about 785 millimeters, but I never felt stretched with the Fubars. I was always able to comfortably reach far enough when pushing the bar down into turns, which could be the result of my 2017 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo's shorter top tube compared to that of my last bike.

Since the Fubar's sweep and rise are the same as my previous handlebar (which felt much better cut down to 785), I'm inclined to believe my shorter top tube hypothesis.

Perhaps another result of leaving the bars at their full length was the forgiving (for aluminum) feel. These are the most comfortable aluminum bars I've ridden in a while, not rattling my hands off the grips on rocky descents, and leaving enough strength in my hands for a confident last-shuttle-run-of-the-day. Considering the forgiving ride and money saved by going with the alloy Fubars compared to carbon bars, I haven't regretted the choice once.


Installing handlebars is a straightforward affair. The most critical procedures are torqueing stem bolts to spec and getting the bar centered. The former step has nothing to do with the bars themselves, but the latter is easy thanks to the wide range of adjustment marks, stretching well past the stem's margins.

I chose to run a Renthal Apex stem, which requires the faceplate to be installed before clamping the bars. Thus, I had to slide (scrape) the bars through the stem, to which the Fubar's finish stood up perfectly. Any marring was only temporary, and easily wiped off.

Bottom Line

The Fubar OSX 35's are responsive without being jarring, competitive in weight and price with other top brand's alloy bars, and offer plenty of length for customization.

Chromag Fubar OSX 35 Riser Handlebar 800mm
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Review Summary

The Pros

Price is in line with other quality alloy bars; responsive while still being comfortable for an aluminum bar; 800 millimeters allow a wide range of custom width options.

The Cons

Graphics are a bit jumbled for my taste.

The Verdict

If you're looking for a wide, affordable (meaning aluminum) bar, the Chromag Fubar OSX 35 is it, and is one of the most comfortable alloy bars out there. If you're a fan of the Canadian company's aesthetic, or if you have other Chromag components on your bike, don't think twice about rounding out your kit with the Fubar.

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