Assos Women's T.laalaLaiShort_S7 Bib Short

Assos T.laalaLaiShort_s7 Bib Shorts

September 2016 Reviewed by: Zoe

I am, by now, used to wearing and have a preference for bib shorts, but during a recent photo shoot I wore a certain brand’s short and jersey combo. Opting to showcase this kit because the design was cool and the shorts came highly recommended, I was quickly reminded that bib-less shorts just don’t offer the high level of “staying put” function that bib shorts do. After the shoot, I was so very happy to slip back into my Assos T.laalalaai Bib Shorts and ride into a seamless sunset painted by none other than Thomas Kinkade. Here is what I thought about the Assos T.laalalai Women’s Bib Short.


For the last few years, the cycling industry has been desperately trying to get women into bib shorts. After seeing firsthand how easy and comfortable bibs are compared to the alternative, it’s easy to understand the push for women’s bibs. Bib-less shorts can be difficult to keep in place; lots of adjustments on the fly make for annoying and somewhat dangerous maneuvering.

The issue of going to the bathroom in bib shorts remains on the forefront of women’s minds. That conundrum has almost every apparel company throwing everything but the kitchen sink at finding the most efficient way to allow women to empty their bladders. The T.laalalai Bib has a magnetic clasp in the front, allowing for easy exit by throwing the straps over your head, followed by sweet relief. At first glance the magnet system seemed like an “over solution” to the easy-access bathroom problem, but in practice I quite appreciated the ease it added to the process.


The T.Laalalai Bib Short is ultimately a comfortable piece. The fabric alone would easily be worth Assos pricing, but Assos isn’t in the business of textile sales so I will gladly take it in the shape of a short. Even the chamois is made of a wonderfully soft material, which is a much different story from many chamois manufacturers. Previously, the softness of a chamois was never even on my radar, but now I fear that it will always be a quality I search for. Assos is doing what they do best: spoiling their rider.

The only questionable feature would be the rise of the short. It hugs and hits at my natural waistline, which is not a make or break necessarily, but it tends to be right where most jerseys would like to rise to rest.


These shorts run true to size, so no need to mess around with any sort of size guessing. The length of short is a little longer than I’m used to, but it hits on a flattering spot on the thigh so rest assured that Assos is looking out for your tan line variability.

Bottom Line

This is an amazing short—it fits like a glove, and it’s soft where it counts. Finally Assos has an answer for those women who want and need the stability of bib short.

Assos Women's T.laalaLaiShort_S7 Bib Short
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Review Summary

The Pros

Comfortable and soft, easy to remove bib straps

The Cons

The shorts’ rise is a little off.

The Verdict

The women’s Assos bib short will definitely be a highlight of your cycling wardrobe. It has what you need to go the distance with ease and comfort. Get ready for the ride of your life.

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