Assos Women's SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7

Assos Women's SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7

September 2016 Reviewed by: Zoe

Assos is one of those brands that seems to inspire envy in the hearts, minds, and eyes of those who are not donning the "A." The fit and fabric of this Swiss brand's apparel makes it every rider's dream to outfit themselves in everything Assos. When a co-worker showed up in his Assos review apparel several months ago, I definitely turned into the green-eyed monster that Shakespeare warned us about. "Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on." We no longer need to be prey for the green-eyed monster. We can sponsor ourselves. We can ride like pros.


Creating a great jersey these days shouldn't be rocket science, but unfortunately many manufactures haven't seemed to have mastered it yet. Assos has made the art of doing simple things well their M.O., which is evident in this jersey. Fabric is consistent with that of the SS.laalalai bib shorts for a consistent feeling of comfort. The front is that soft Assos lycra that I have come to love, while the back panel is a more breathable, woven fabric which kept me cool on hot days and long, arduous climbs. I also really enjoyed that they made the back white instead of a dark color that will soak up the sun, but not in a good way like Sheryl Crow would have you believe.

The pockets, when full, did a good job of keeping the jersey lower on my hips where it needs to be. But when the load gets light, this jersey tended to climb to my natural waistline. I don't foresee that being a big problem, though, because many people will be using those pockets to their capacity.


As I have mentioned, Assos uses remarkably soft fabric in the SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7, so comfort is a trait that comes naturally for this jersey. I especially appreciated the collar construction, which, for most jerseys is not a feature that anyone pays much mind to, but this collar carries a little attitude with it. Akin to a popped collar on a jean jacket, it stays upright when the jersey has been unzipped. I remained looking sharp even when I was out of breath on a big climb. Effortless style is a big selling point for me, especially in cycling gear.


As far as the fit goes for this jersey, I'd say it fits true to size. As I like my jerseys to be snug, I'll usually wear a small, even where a medium would also be a comfortable and slightly more forgiving option. The SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7 fit me like a glove, which is exacly what I was looking for.

Bottom Line

This jersey, and Assos in general, is your answer to the question of how to achieve understated excellence. When the loud and gaudy kits aren't for you, Assos is here to swoop you up and carry you with comfort to your destination.

Assos Women's SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7
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Review Summary

The Pros

Simplicity and good design. The fact that it is as comfortable as your PJ's is also a positive mark.

The Cons

When the pockets were empty, this jersey had the annoying habit of creeping up toward my waist.

The Verdict

SS.laalalaiJersey_evo7 blends comfort and style in an effortless Assos way.

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