Zoot CompressRx Ultra Recovery Tight

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Highlighted Features

  • Zoot CompressRx garments are designed for endurance athletes
  • Specific degrees of compression are applied based on a muscle group's needs
  • Foot Stirrups

Zoot’s research has shown a 40% improvement in recovery time and a dramatic increase in the ability to train harder and longer after wearing the Ultra Recovery tights. Therapy grade compression levels work to alleviate post exercise soreness by speeding circulation back to the heart where blood can be re-oxygenated. A low-rise waist allows for more comfortable breathing in the recovery phase. Compression apparel is not just a fad; the research exists to prove the claims and athletes around the world are reaping the benefits.

To ensure proper sizing, click on the sizing chart and measure your calf, thigh and waist. 

Size 0 = XXS, Size 1 = XS, Size 2 = SM, Size 3 = MD, Size 4 = LG, Size 5 = XL