Red Bull Rampage 2010 DVD

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Includes both Blu-Ray and DVD Video discs!

Freeriding supposedly died when Red Bull pulled the Red Bull Rampage off the table. The contest had run it's course, claimed the Red Bull promoters. It pushed the sport as far as it could go, and the contest was no longer necessary. But between then and now, freeride-style mountain biking evolved from a brassy huck-your-carcass launch-off into a highly technical, super-skilled shred fest in which athletic ability is just as important as extreme bravery. Red Bull recognized that it was time to bring back the Rampage, time to let the new generation of shredders shine, and it's a good thing they did...

The 2010 Red Bull Rampage could be seen as the current pinnacle of aggressive-style mountain biking, similar to big mountain skiing, with degree of difficulty and line choice being just as important as amplitude when judging the riders. If you want to see state-of-the-art, this is it. If you want to watch humans defy gravity and put their bodies up as collateral on an investment in pushing the boundaries of physics, this is it. If you want to witness the most amazing, unbelievable, fear-and-stoke-inducing mountain bike show ever, this is it.

A must-have for anyone who rides with full-finger gloves.

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