Shimano R310 Road Shoes

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Shimano constantly strives to be on the cutting edge of technological advancements in the cycling industry, and the R310 is the flagship model of its shoe collection. Shimano perfected a method of head-molding shoes to achieve a perfect, customized fit. The R310 provides excellent comfort in a feathery light shoe with pro-level stability.

A curved, anatomical last creates a natural shoe-to-foot interface while a structural, vented synthetic leather material adds support. An ultra-light, uni-directional carbon fiber outsole maximizes power output while cutting weight.

The upper material of the shoe regulates temperature through a honey comb mesh and an anti-slip heel lining prevents heel lift. The fit in enhanced through an easy-to-use top buckle and ratchet system, while two off-set straps eliminate pressure points.

Shimano has its own oven that is necessary to mold the shoe, and you should seek out someone trained in this process to reap the full benefits of this innovative technology. The R310 is a beautifully designed shoe that offers a custom fit with maximum stiffness.


  • Heat-moldable
  • Anatomical last
  • Carbon fiber outsole for maximum stiffness
  • Asymmetric buckle and off-set straps secure the fit