Shimano Ultegra 6750 Crankset Compact

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Highlighted Features

  • Cranks weigh 690 grams 
  • Hollowtech II crank arms
  • Hollowglide big ring
  • Tapered inner ring surface eliminates dropped chains
  • Treated inner ring surface improves shift response
  • Revised chainring spacing decreases chain touch
  • Does not include Bottom Bracket


When 7900 Dura Ace was revealed, the two most striking changes were the shifter hoods and the cranks. We all began to wonder what Ultegra would look like. True to suit, Ultegra's most striking components are the shifters and cranks. Not only are these the most striking features, they're also the most significant improvements over 6600.

The Shimano Ultegra 6700 cranks feature the same shape and technology as the Dura Ace big brother. Hollowtech crank arms extend to a huge spider cavity, considerably reducing weight over 6600 cranks. Still the biggest advancement is the big ring. Though by now you've heard plenty about the 7900 big ring and it's Hollowtech technology, increasing stiffness incredibly. But the Ultegra big ring has been updated further.  On the inside of the large chainring, the angle has been changed to taper down to the smaller chainring.This little bit of engineering eliminates the chance of your chain ever falling between your rings or sitting right inside the middle ring. 

The surface of the big ring has also been treated so that the surface is rough like a fine grit sandpaper. This helps grab your chain and direct onto the big ring during hard shifts. Both these small changes produce big results in shifting speed and precision. Lastly, the chainring spacing has been decreased, bringing the rings closer together and therefore reducing the amount of chain-to-derailleur rubbing noise. No longer just Dura Ace's little brother, Ultegra 6700 closes the gap between the gruppos.