Prologo Zero Nack Saddle

Currently Unavailable

The Zero is Prologo's flat saddle. It's flat front to rear, and flat side to side. Based on the Nago saddle, the Zero has a broad nose and moderate size with a 134 mm width. It has a firm nylon carbon injected base which boosts pedaling efficiency and a trough down the middle for extra padding under the perineal area. The Prologo Zero Nack comes with the Nack Carbon fiber rails. Nack stands for Nano Aluminum Carbon Kevlar. These three materials are woven together to create a super stiff and strong rail system that is lighter than Titanium. 


  • Weight: 179 grams
  • 134x278mm
  • Flat-flat profile
  • Nack carbon rail
  • Carbon injected nylon base
  • Trough relieves perineal area

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