Nokon Brake or Shift Cable Set Road

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Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum housing is 40 grams lighter than standard setups on average for full lengths
  • Ultra precise shifting
  • Firm and powerful braking
  • Superior durability to standard housing
  • Package contents include 2 brake cables, 2 shift cables, Aluminum housing for either shifting of braking, Shift liner, Brake liner

Nokon cables are not new to the market. Yet the amazing precision shifting and firmer braking that Nokon cablesets afford sees them frequently found on the pros bikes. Handmade in Germany, Nokon cables have been redesigned and packaged so that when you buy one package of Nokon cables you get brake cables and liners and shift cables and liners. This allows you to use the aluminum housing for either your brakes or shifters. Best of all, if you buy two packages you get an extra set of liners and cables for both your shifters and brakes. 

Nokon housing is completely compression-less. Other companies claim their housing is compression-less, but non shift or brake with the exacting accuracy of the Nokon system. Housing is made up of aluminum bits that bend and move together to fit the tightest corners. Best of all, you never have to replace the housing bits. Just replace the teflon liners every 2 years or so and you're back to premium quality shifting and stopping. 


  • Two brake cables 
  • Two shift cables 
  • Aluminum housing for either shifting of braking 
  • Shift liner 
  • Brake liner


Comments: Outstanding performance, well worth the investment. Bought these to replace a blown rear shifter cable housing (second time, 1st was atop Mt Diablo-front d, could have been a brake cable housing.)  I will never have to worry again, and the teflon sleeve protects the ss cable. These will outlive me. If you get two sets to do both brakes and shifters you can get two colors and go wild with the style. If you buy thru Art's they will give you outstanding cust-serv, and if there's a problem they will make you more than whole.

From: Peter, Concord, CA