Mavic EX 823 UST Disc Rim Black 32 Hole

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Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 740 grams
  • Bombproof design
  • True UST bead seat
  • Welded seam
  • Maxtal alloy is strong and resilient
  • Wide enough to run any tire

When it comes to building up a custom set of wheels, no rim manufacturer ranks higher than Mavic. And when it comes to building a tough wheelset that can take a beating, no rim out performs the Mavic EX823. With it's UST tubeless bead seat, the EX823 allows you to run tubeless tires with out any extra tape. It's 24mm inner rim width allows you to run tires up to 2.7 inches wide with out worrying about burping. The 823 also has thick walls and a tall rim height to aid in stability and the rim's ability to absorb impact. A welded seam further increases strength, along with Mavic's proprietary Maxtal alloy. If you're a gravity rider, or just want a beefy rim, the Mavic EX 823 is the undisputed leader of the pack.


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