Mavic Cosmic CXR80 T M11 Wheelset

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Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 1700 grams
    • Front-764 grams
    • Rear-946 grams
  • 100% woven 3K carbon fiber rim construction
    • Carbon fiber braking surface
    • 80 mm tall, 27 mm wide rim profile
    • Tubular tire
  • CXR01 Aerodynamic Wheel System flanges
  • Bladed spokes
    • Steel
    • straight pull
    • double butted 2.0-1.6
  • Carbon hub shells with aluminum flanges
    • Aero Flange spoke covers
    • Small diameter front hub shell
  • 210 tpi Mavic tubular tires
    • Specific shape for Cosmic CXR rim profile
    • Mavic Yksion CXR Griplink tubular front tire
    • Mavic Yksion CXR Powerlink tubular rear tire
  • Includes:
    • Mavic tires
    • BR601 quick releases
    • Wheelbags
    • CXR specific carbon brake pads
    • Valve extender
    • Multifunction adjustment wrench
  • 11-speed compatible 

Designed with one thing in mind—to provide the cyclist with every aerodynamic advantage possible, the Mavic Cosmic CXR80 T M11 Wheelset is optimized down to the last detail and 11-speed compatible. The tall, 100% carbon construction rim keeps this slippery wheelset light, strong, and fast.

CX01 Blades, a flange that snaps into the rim between the tubular tire and braking surface, creates a smooth transition for wind and reduces drag at any yaw angle. Deeper rims are faster, and the CXR80's are 80 mm tall, with a wind tunnel-proven shape that sheds seconds off your time. Smooth Aero Flange's cover the junction of spokes and hub shell, further reducing the chance of wind finding any surface to stick to. Bladed spokes and a carbon front hub shell with an exceptionally small diameter also aid the Cosmic CXR80's mission of slicing through the wind.

Mavic designed the Cosmic CXR80 wheels as a complete system, including tubular tires. The CXR80's come equipped with a Yksion CXR Tubular Griplink in front & Powerlink version in the rear. All you need to do is glue them up, and then race for the win. Also included are Mavic wheel bags for storage and transport.