MarshGuard 50/01 Fork Fender & #AllTheLads Stash

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight: 32 grams (without zip ties)
  • Brought to you by Ratboy, Loose, and the rest of the fuzz
  • 50to01 custom edition MarshGuard
  • Maximize your fun and mud defense all at once
  • Designed by World Cup DH mechanic Jason Marsh
  • Includes both front fender and front "stash"

What is 50to01 and who are #allthelads you might be wondering? They're the epitome of fun. MarshGuard's 50to01 Fender and Stash are designed to let you play out your childhood fantasies of playing endlessly in the mud while affording you some basic protection.

Developed by Greg Minaar's mechanic Jason Marsh and known as the go-to race fender on the UCI and EWS circuits, the MarshGuard 50/01 Fork Fender has a minimal footprint, yet is highly effective at shielding both rider and bike from mud and debris. Made of tough, flexible, and recycled plastic, the fender is lightweight, race tough, and looks all business. Plus, it's wicked easy to install.