Kali Maraka Road Helmet

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight: 284 grams
  • Low-density foam (85 gm/cubic L)
  • Composite Fusion Plus Technology
    • Spreads impacts over larger area and away from your head
  • Bumper Fit System
    • Crosslink polymer pads fine-tune fit and absorb impact
  • Supervent Technology
    • Vent structures spread impact force

The Kali Maraka Helmet presents an unprecedented combination of protection, ventilation and weight. Every part of the Maraka R is intricately designed and constructed, representing the next step in helmet evolution. 

Kali's Composite Fusion Plus technology found in the Maraka R utilizes varying densities of EPS foam molded into specific shapes which very effectively spread an impact away from your head over a larger area of the helmet. Additional Bumper Fit System foam pads provide extra impact absorption and a custom-fit feel. Finally, Supervent technology allows the use of massive vents, increasing ventilation and impact absorption efficiency. Since frontal impacts are the most common in cycling, Supervent technology adds a reinforcing structure to each frontal vent, which again spreads impact energy over a larger area. 

The fit of the Kali Maraka R helmet is excellent. Through the use of comfortable crosslink polymer material in the Bumper Fit System, excellent ventilation, and chassis-mounted retention straps, it's easy to forget there's a helmet on your head. A nice touch is the cam-locking chin strap adjuster, making fine-tuning of the straps tension simple and fast.