Chain-L Bicycle Chain Lube 4oz

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Highlighted Features

  • Extreme pressure (EP) lubricants in a high film-strength 
    mineral oil base
  • Ultra-long lasting
  • Improved chain life
  • Quieter drivetrain

Here it is. The legendary Chain-L Bicycle Chain Lube, High-Mileage formula. There is no other lube that inspires such passion among it's fans. Why is that, you wonder? Chain-L lube keeps your chain running silently, and smooths out shifting, making your bike run like the well-oiled machine that it should be. Additionally, it lasts, and lasts... And lasts. Chain-L's makers claim 1000 miles between applications, and several users have reported this figure as well. Sound like the perfect chain lube? It just might be, but if you are more of a squirt-and-ride kind of cyclist, Chain-L might not be for you. To get the most out of Chain-L requires proper application, which should really be performed for any high-viscosity chain lube, but is critical to realize the performance advantages of Chain-L.

Chain-L can't be just poured on while spinning your bikes cranks, but must be dripped onto each roller, a drop at a time, preferably with the chain off the bike. It's even a good idea to warm the lube up before applying—either in your pocket or in a container of hot water. Once the whole chain has been lubed, let the chain sit for a bit while Chain-L wicks into the rollers, then spin the cranks, thoroughly wipe the excess lube off the chain (and drivetrain, if the chain is installed) and ride. And ride, and ride, and ride before having to re-lube your chain.

Comments: While a little heavy for my Road bike, I can't seem to find a better product for Mountain bike use. For rides longer than 25 miles, this is the perfect lube. It smells like motor oil, but keeps my chain lubed for hours on end.
From: CJ, Ventura, CA