Chris King R45 Rear Hub 10 Speed

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Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 222 grams
  • 17mm axles improve wheel stiffness
  • Unmatched quality and durability
  • Outstanding bearing seals keep out water and contaminants
  • 45 point Ring Drive is quieter than King's standard 72 point engagement
  • 28 and 32 spoke hole drilling options available 
  • Adjustable bearings
  • Fully rebuildable

Precision components. These words are used to describe an awful lot of bicycle products. But, if there is such a thing as an ideal platonic definition of these words, then Chris King hubs are the embodiment of that definition. Every detail of a King hub is made to a standard seldom seen outside of machine shops producing satellite components. Nothing is overlooked. From the seals, to the axle, hub shell, freehub body, bearing adjuster rings, and King's world famous ring drive and bearings, King sweats the small stuff.

The result of this obsession is a hub that is made to last a lifetime. Beyond this, King hubs provide near instantaneous engagement while their silky smooth angular contact bearings help you to apply all your wattage to the road passing beneath you. When you want unparalleled quality and performance, Chris King delivers.

The Chris King R45 hub has been specifically designed as a road-only hub that incorporates a special version of the King patented ring drive system that runs quieter than King's classic hubs. In addition to this, each part of the hub has been pared down to be as light as possible without sacrificing performance. New drilling options are also available for compatibility with many of the low spoke count rim options available in the marketplace. And last but not least, these hubs are available in the rainbow of colors that have made King Components a favorite with custom bike builders all over the world.