Welcome to Art's Cyclery International. We proudly ship to over 100 countries worldwide. We are continually striving to increase that number and to deliver where no other mail order cyclery company has gone before. If your country is not listed, please email our friendly International sales staff for shipping options and transit times.

The shipping charge shown when the order is submitted is subject to change. If your order needs to be shipped in two separate boxes you will be notified via e-mail. The shipping charge reflected on your order confirmation e-mail will be the correct shipping cost.

You can order directly from our website via our online catalog. Online order email confirmations will be sent to your personal mail account within 24 hours. Please note that Art's Cyclery may require additional information from you before we can process your order.

For international customer service, please contact us one of the following ways. We will be happy to assist you.
Phone: +805 540-7969
Fax: +805 781-6476

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Discounted Shipping to United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan

  • Offer not valid on bikes, trainers, wheel sets and backordered shipments.
  • Orders must have an actual or dimensional weight of 10 lbs. or less.
  • Offer not retroactive to prior purchases.
  • Shipping to Australia and the UK is $15 on orders over $350
  • Shipping to Canada is free via UPS on orders over $250. USPS Express Mail to Canada is $20 on orders totaling at least $250 that weigh less than 13lbs.
  • Shipping to Japan is free on orders over $350
  • Shipping is fulfilled via UPS Worldwide Saver Shipping
  • Limited time offer

Shipping Options

World Mail

Available for all orders weighing under 2 pounds with a value lower than $100 USD. Packages are delivered via the local postal system in the destination country and takes 3-6 weeks for delivery. Unfortunately World Mail does not have a tracking system and is not guaranteed.

UPS Worldwide Express

Available for all orders. This is our fastest shipping option. Deliveries are guaranteed in 2-4 business days. UPS offers a comprehensive tracking system via their website at

UPS Surcharge Information: An Extended Area Surcharge of $20 per shipment or $0.20 per pound, whichever is greater, applies to shipments to specific International destinations. A listing of applicable destinations is available at

International Credit Card Charge Verification

Please be aware that all first time international customers of Art's Cyclery may be required to go through a process known as Credit Card Charge Verification.

The Credit Card Verification is a procedure to confirm that the authorized cardholder has made the order. This is an extra security measure we require to protect you, the cardholder, and Art's Cyclery from credit card fraud. We realize that this will take a little more time but the protection it offers outweighs the inconvenience.

  • Art's Cyclery will make a small charge on the card in question (between $0.01 and $5.00).
  • A customer service representative will contact you by email or phone letting you know the charge has been made.
  • You will need to contact your bank associated with the card and get the exact charge. The charge will show up under Art's Cyclery.
  • Contact us at (800) 626-3440 or (805) 540-7969 to confirm the amount of the charge. You can also let us know via email (; just reference your order number, name and the charge amount in the email.
  • If confirmed, the amount charged will be deducted off of your order total.

If you have additional questions on the above policy, please email:

Import Taxes

There are no U.S. taxes; however, you will be responsible for any additional customs handling fees, duties and/or taxes. Because each country is different, and these fees change often, we do not know these fees. Your local post/customs office can give you this information.

If any international order is refused upon delivery for any reason, all customs & duty charges will be billed to you by Art's Cyclery. Once a package enters your country these charges are not reversible whether the package is delivered to you or not. Orders may be returned after receipt if there are any problems. Please be aware of all related charges when ordering.

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Country List


  • AL: Albania
  • DZ: Algeria
  • AD: Andorra
  • AR: Argentina
  • AM: Armenia
  • AW: Aruba
  • AU: Australia
  • AT: Austria
  • AZ: Azerbaijan


  • BS: Bahamas
  • BH: Bahrain
  • BD: Bangladesh
  • BB: Barbados
  • BY: Belarus
  • BL: Belgium
  • BZ: Belize
  • BM: Bermuda
  • BO: Bolivia
  • BA: Bosnia
  • BW: Botswana
  • BR: Brazil
  • VG: British Virgin Islands
  • BN: Brunei
  • BG: Bulgaria


  • CA: Canada
  • KY: Cayman Islands
  • TD: Chad
  • CL: Chile
  • CN: China
  • CO: Colombia
  • CK: Cook Islands
  • CR: Costa Rica
  • HR: Croatia
  • CY: Cyprus
  • CZ: Czech Republic


  • DK: Denmark
  • DO: Dominican Republic


  • EC: Ecuador
  • EG: Egypt
  • SV: El Salvador
  • ET: Ethiopia


  • FJ: Fiji
  • FI: Finland
  • FR: France


  • GM: Gambia
  • DE: Germany
  • GH: Ghana
  • GR: Greece
  • GL: Greenland
  • GP: Guadeloupe
  • GU: Guam
  • GT: Guatemala


  • HN: Honduras
  • HK: Hong Kong
  • HU: Hungary


  • IS: Iceland
  • IN: India
  • ID: Indonesia
  • IE: Ireland
  • IL: Israel
  • IT: Italy


  • JM: Jamaica
  • JP: Japan
  • JO: Jordan


  • KZ: Kazakhstan
  • KE: Kenya
  • KR: Korea
  • KW: Kuwait


  • LV: Latvia
  • LB: Lebanon
  • LI: Liechtenstein
  • LT: Lithuania
  • LU: Luxemburg


  • MY: Malaysia
  • MQ: Martinique
  • MX: Mexico
  • FM: Micronesia
  • MD: Moldova
  • MC: Monaco
  • MA: Morocco
  • MZ: Mozambique


  • NP: Nepal
  • NL: Netherlands
  • NC: New Caledonia
  • NZ: New Zealand
  • NO: Norway


  • OM: Oman


  • PK: Pakistan
  • PA: Panama
  • PG: Papua New Guinea
  • PY: Paraguay
  • PE: Peru
  • PH: Philippines
  • PL: Poland
  • PT: Portugal
  • PR: Puerto Rico


  • QA: Qatar


  • RO: Romania
  • RU: Russia


  • MP: Saipan
  • SA: Saudi Arabia
  • GB: Scotland
  • SG: Singapore
  • SI: Slovenia
  • ZA: South Africa
  • ES: Spain
  • KN: St. Kitts
  • LC: St. Lucia
  • SE: Sweden
  • CH: Switzerland


  • PF: Tahiti
  • TW: Taiwan
  • TH: Thailand
  • TT: Trinidad and Tobago
  • TR: Turkey


  • UA: Ukraine
  • AE: United Arab Emirates
  • UK: United Kingdom
  • UY: Uruguay


  • VE: Venezuela
  • VN: Vietnam


  • YE: Yemen

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