WTB is one of the originators that helped create the mountain biking world as we know it. Founded in Marin County, the birthplace of mountain biking, in 1982 and fueled by the need to create durable and reliable mountain bike specific equipment, WTB forged ahead as a pioneer mountain bike company. Since then, they have grown into a global enterprise, but not one that's forgotten where it came from. A huge supporter of bicycle advocacy groups, WTB is continually giving back to the cycling world. Today, WTB products are still known for their reliability and durability, keeping safety as priority number one. With one of the most rigorous and hands on testing programs in the industry - consisting of a team of cyclists riding prototypes until the correct tread pattern, durometer, etc. is found - WTB products also perform at the elite level. Committed at the core to the customer, WTB continues to produce components that are safe, durable, progressive, and meet the needs of today's cyclist.