Prologo comes from the latin "prologus" which means "the start" or the beginning of a journey. It's where we get the term "prologue" which as most cyclists know is the first stage of a grand tour. It's the beginning of what many times ends up to be some of the greatest moments in cycling. All the myths and history, all the glory and epic battles, often take place during these grueling races.

Since Prologo went into business in August 2006 it immediately recognized the need for Pro team feedback if they wanted to succeed as a saddle maker. Joining forces with Bjarne Riis, Prologo became the saddle supplier to CSC-Saxo Bank (now just Saxo Bank) and worked hard to give the riders what they needed. Two very different riders are behind most of that professional imput. Chiefly tested by Frank Schleck and Fabian Cancellara, the two Pros have been instrumental in providing feedback that Prologo can work with. Partnering with VELO, Prologo is able to take those rider refined saddles and mass produce them for the rest of us with a quality few brands can compete with. Joining Pro Team experience with technological innovation, Prologo have become a top player in the cycling saddle market.