Park Tool

Park Tool, based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, had humble beginnings. It all started when Howard Hawkins and his partner Art Engstrom began making their own tools. When bikes started coming with caliper brakes and complex shifting systems, there were no tools available. When they built their first bicycle repair stand out of two dinner table legs and a 37 Ford axle, Schwinn saw the stand in action and wanted one. Thus Park Tool was born! Park Tool has been manufacturing bicycle specific tools since 1963. Since that time, they have become the source for bicycle related tools. Still taking a "hands-on" approach to building tools, all of Park's 40 employees take great pride in providing you with the best and most reliable bicycle tools money can buy. Made here in America's heartland, Park Tools are found in every repair shop and Pro Team support truck because they're the best. Park Tool Co.'s commitment means that no matter what your problem is, they make a tool for it.