Light & Motion

Light & Motion, established in 1989, is a home-grown California company with roots in both the Pacific Ocean and the North American Plate. Their lights and housings for underwater photography are considered to be some of the best available, and anyone who has spent any time riding bikes after the sun goes down can confirm that their bike lights are second to none. It might surprise some of you to learn that L & M is a pretty small company; if you call them three times in a a row, you'll probably get the same person at least twice, unless it's riding time. Plus, because all of their suppliers are local, L & M is able to demand the best of each component of their lights. Being "light and fast" allows them to stay on the cutting edge of illumination technology year after year, and while their competitors are reacting to their innovations, your friends from Monterey, California are busy increasing your next light's power, efficiency, and burn time.