Garmin's goal remains simple: provide navigation and communication devices that enrich peoples lives. Since 1989, they have been doing just that. From bicycles to aviation, Garmin products are the standard for navigation equipment. Garmin owes it's success to vertical integration, or making everything themselves and having multiple disciplines involved in the design process of a product. Garmin's success is also owed in part to the success of the Garmin Slipstream Cycling Team whose strong presence in the grand tours has increased interest in the product. As far as the cycling world is concerned, Garmin is unique. No other device on the market can do what a Garmin does. From global positioning and elevation to common cycling features like speed, cadence, and miles tracked, a Garmin can do it all. It even has functions for heart rate and the ability to track your progress on your computer. It has become not only the ultimate exploration tool, but also an invaluable training tool as well. We're convinced and we're sure you will be too, no bike should be without a Garmin.