Finish Line

Finish Line was founded in 1988 by Hank Krause who sought to combine his expertise gained from working at Mobil Chemical Co. with his love for cycling. At that time, nothing really existed that could live up to the demands of complex drivetrains. Krause believed in the unique ability of Teflon fluoropolymers to meet those needs, so he contacted DuPont, started a relationship, and was able to create Finish Line "Dry" Lube.. It has become the standard by which all 'dry' lubes are measured. The early relationship building Krause did with DuPont paid off later also. Now, Finish Line has exclusive rights to use any DuPont trademarked product, including TeflonĘ. The two companies work closely in development and research, recognizing the mutual benefit to each other as well as other industries. Finish Line now operates chiefly out of a 25,000 square foot facility on Long Island, New York. They continue to create and refine their product to better meet the needs of today's complex bicycle systems.