Cateye may be the most prolific cycling computer, light and reflector maker in the world. Virtually every bike comes with reflectors made by Cateye. Their computers are the most reliable and user friendly on the market. Founded in 1946 in Osaka, Japan, Cateye is also one of the veterans of the cycling world. They created the first flashing lamp for bicycles in 1964. In 2001 they created the first LED headlamp, and their LD500 remains the only tail light on the market to meet CPSC standards for reflectivity. Whatever you ride, Cateye has the computer and light system to meet your needs.

Cateye Computers & Accessories

It is no wonder why Cateye has become one of the most well known producers of cycling computers in the world. Their products not only have a reputation for incredible bang for your buck but also for the unwavering accuracy, durability and ease of use that riders of all skill levels demand. Just use a Cateye one time to monitor your speed, distance, cadence or a multitude of other metrics, and you will never leave home without it again. You can rest assured that wherever your ride takes you, Cateye has the computer to keep you on track.