Castelli has been around since 1876, but the real history of the company began in the 1940s when Armando Castelli designed cycling clothes for Fausto Coppi, whom many believe to be the greatest man (or god) ever to climb on a bike. Coppi went on to win the Giro d'Italia five times, starting at the age of 20.

Over the next few years, Armando became the tailor to the world's greatest cyclists, creating new technology that offered a competitive edge. The skin suit, chamois, rear pockets, zippered collars, all are Castelli innovations that changed the landscape of cycling culture.

In 1974, Armando's son Maurizio founded Castelli Sport, a company whose only goal was to create premium, next generation racing apparel. Today, Castelli continues along that path of innovation. Each year, Castelli invents new technologies and advances the modern champions of cycling in honor of the legacy Maurizio and Armando left behind.

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