Zipp 808 Rear Wheel 700c Tubular Shimano

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Highlighted Features

Is the new ZIPP 808 the fastest all-condition wheel made? Dave Zabriskie might think so; these are the wheels he rode to post the fastest time trial in Tour de France history (on a Cervelo P3). Fabian Cancellara might also agree; these are the wheels that carried him past the field and across the finish line in front of the worlds best sprinters at the end of stage three in the 2007 Tour (on a Cervelo Soloist).

With the refinement of carbon fiber construction techniques, it's suddenly feasible to run deep cross section rims (the 808's are 81 mm) since they remain so light (790 grams). Is there a downside? We doubt it, especially for bigger riders. A little more crosswind resistance, perhaps, but you could run these instead of discs and call it a push between aerodynamics and handling. Incorporating design features from the 1080's and Sub 9's, the net result is 2-7 more watts at your disposal.
Carbon shouldn't just be stiff, it can be comfortable, too. Using what ZIPP terms Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control, a vibration- absorbing material is sandwiched between layers of rigid carbon laminate in the rim. When the wheel receives an impact from the road, much of the shock is absorbed by the VCLC system, delivering a 10% reduction in vibration. To make the 808's more durable, Zipp uses kevlar "bundles" at the rims edge. The kevlar increases the rims impact resistance by three and a half times compared to carbon alone. ZIPP calls this the Carbon Bridge.
The adherents of tubular tires will cite the benefits of the extremely high pressures you can run, the endless cornering grip, and precise road feel that sew-up tires give you.


  • Weighs 790 grams
  • 20 spokesó2-cross non-drive side, radial on drive side
  • ABLC (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control) dimpling
  • Carbon Bridge Construction for strength
  • VCLC (Visco- Elastic Constrained Layer Control) for compliance