Zipp 808 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheelset 2014

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 1804 grams 
    • Front 805 grams (Skewer adds 37 grams)
    • Rear 999 grams (Skewer adds 41 grams)
    • Rim tape adds 40 grams
  • Rims
    • Internal width 16.2 mm
    • External width 26.5 mm
    • Depth 81 mm
  • Firecrest rim profile greatly reduces drag across the entire wheel
    • More stable performance in gusts and crosswinds
    • Exclusive ABLC dimpling for lowest drag possible
  • Proprietary carbon resin resists heat build up under hard braking 
  • Zipp's top quality ultra lightweight 88 front and 188/V9 rear hubs
    • Eleven speed compatible
    • Exclusive Swiss bearings roll impeccably
    • Oversized rear hub bearings and hub flanges for increased stiffness
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Includes stainless Aero Skewers, rim tape, valve extenders and proprietary brake pads
  • 250 pound rider weight limit
  • Made in the USA
  • Zipp part #'s
    • Front: 00.1918.134.002
    • Rear: 00.1918.143.002


Zipp, the undisputed leader in the aero-wheel market, makes wheels that are the fastest, lightest, and stiffest in the industry. Zipp's blunt-nosed Firecrest rim profile is so fast and versatile that nothing else even comes close. The 808 Firecrest Carbon Clincher wheels are the fastest carbon clinchers on the market.

With the Firecrest, Zipp focuses not only on the wind hitting the front of the wheel, but also (and maybe more-so) on the wind hitting the second half of the rim after the fork. Zipp discovered that if they can speed the airflow going across that part of the rim it has the added benefit of moving the center of pressure to the center of the wheel. This makes the Firecrest not only faster but incredibly more stable in crosswinds than previous designs. With the new Firecrest 808 wheel, Zipp claims that no other manufacturer's wheels up to 90mm deep are faster in the wind. 

Zipp's updated 88/188 Version 9 hubs is also an integral part of the 808's speed equation. Providing more than a 13% increase in torsional stiffness compared to the next closest competitor's wheelset, the 88/188/V9 hubs add stability and responsiveness, as well as efficiency to your bike. Stocked with oversized bearings while boasting taller and wider hub flanges, along with a revamped spoke lacing pattern, the 88/188/V9 hubs have as much research behind them as the 808 Firecrest rims themselves.

Zipp also managed to keep the 808 clincher's weight low, which adds to the ease of being able to use clincher tires. Say goodbye to tire pressure spikes; Zipp co-produced a new resin to hold the carbon together that doesn't heat up at the break track like typical resins used in carbon molding. Thus the Firecrest Carbon Clinchers are the only carbon clinchers to pass stringent European safety standards with a rider weight limit of 250 pounds. Your 808 CC's will brake consistently no matter how steep the descent. You also get the benefit of a wide brake track which increases the tire's contact patch and improves cornering. Add Zipp's proven Swiss-bearing-equipped 88 and 188 eleven-speed compatible hubs to the mix, and the 808 Carbon Clinchers are the best choice for all-around speed with the ease of clinchers.

*Due to inadequate frame clearance caused by the added width of Zipp Firecrest wheels, they may be incompatible with certain frame models. Check wheel fitment and frame clearance with a professional bike mechanic before riding.