WTB Vigilante 26" Tire

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Highlighted Features

  • Available in 26", 650b, and 29" sizes
  • Weights: 
    • 26x2.3 TCS - 698 grams 
    • 26x2.3 Team Issue TCS - 809 grams
  • Actual Widths: 
    • Casing: 26x2.3 - 2.27"
    • Tread: 26x2.3 - 2.22"
  • Aramid Bead
  • 60 tpi
  • TCS - Tubeless Compatible System - Uses sealant to seal inside of tire, will NOT hold air without sealant
  • Open tread blocks roll fast
  • Reinforced cornering knobs grip predictabily in a wide variety of trail conditions
  • Team Issue TCS version uses Enduro Casing
    • Inner Peace side wall protection and Silver Lining cut resistance

WTB's self-appointed provider of justice is the Vigilante Tire. Unrelenting in it's quest to make your trails a shred-friendly paradise of fun, the Vigilante imparts it's brand of protection from lack of traction with the help of square, stable, dirt-biting tread blocks. With plenty of room between blocks, the Vigilante performs well in any type of loose or wet terrain. Massively buttressed cornering knobs invite you to lean your bike over, and then keep leaning, and then lean some more—after all, what good is it to build up speed only to scrub it all off in the turns?

What impresses us the most about the Vigilante is it's commitment to the average citizen... The rider who lives for descents but has to pedal up first. All Vigilantes employ TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) technology, for the ultimate in traction and flat protection. All Vigilantes have thicker—but not too thick—casings for extra durability without being DH-tire porky, and stickier rubber compounds.

For the top-level of protection and performance, go with the Team Issue, with Gravity DNA; a 45a durometer sticky top layer over a 60a durometer firmer base for real grip,  and a base shielding against big hits and supporting the top layer's rebound behavior. Team Issue models also boast WTB's Enduro Casing, consisting of Inner Peace reinforcing rubber between casing plies, and Silver Lining, a cut-resistant woven nylon layer stretching from bead to tread.