Vittoria Pave CG III Tubular Tire

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual Weight 300 grams
  • 320 tpi tubular casing
  • Twin Tread technology
  • Corespun K Kevlar-reinforced cotton casing for strength and flexibility
  • PRB 2.0: new Puncture Resistant Belt under tread
  • Green stripes distinguishes the Pave from it's Corsa brethren
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Vittoria part # 111.162.SC.27.171TG

Vittoria is known for making tires able to thrive in the rough roads and wet conditions the Spring Classics are known for. The Vittoria Pave CG III Tubular Tire is not only named after, but designed for the cobbles. Choose from 25c or 27c widths for better absorption of the constant bump and shock from cobbles, and rest easy knowing that kevlar reinforcement in the casing boosts puncture protection. Dual tread zone patterns are designed to grip over wet pavers and provide traction in the worst conditions. For the CG III model Vittoria has moved the coloring completely off the tread to improve grip and to keep the color vivid longer. If you ride in the winter or need a comfortable and flat resistant tire, the Vittoria Pave should be on your short list. 

For superior cornering, bump absorption, and minimal rolling resistance, it's impossible to beat the feel of tubulars. Vittoria's Core-Spun cotton casing boasts a super-high thread count of 320 TPI for an incredibly supple ride, and the Pave CG III Tubular's Corespun K version adds Kevlar for increased durability. Tubular tires also hold their round profile through all angles of lean for predictable and confident cornering, even at extreme angles. On the inside, a latex tube lets you inflate these tires up to 200 PSI, and gives an extra measure of flat resistance. Under the tread is a layer of PRB 2.0 puncture resistant belting which boosts flat resistance by 40%. The tread itself is the famed ISOgrip Compound, providing spectacular grip and speed in wet or dry conditions. Vittoria has long been known as one of the best Tubular makers on the market and the Corsa CX II only adds to that reputation.


Comments: I am trying my first pair on old Fiamme Red label aluminium rims. I haven't glued the tires yet as I'm letting them conform to rim under pressure. The rims have a shallow, flat-ish contour where the tire goes and the Pave has a pronounced ridge where it's sewn.  The ridge allows the tire to rock side to side when sitting on the rim at low pressure (less than 60 lbs). If you put more air pressure in the tire it sits better, but it's still sitting on the ridge which means tire doesn't find it's sweet spot by itself. Too much for my taste. I'll still glue and try. Sweet tire.

From: Todd - Milwaukee, Wisconsin