Time Iclic 2 Carbon Carboflex Pedal

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Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 234 grams per pair (pedals only)
  • 53 X 82 mm contact area
  • Carbon body and hollow steel axle with flexible carbon blade
  • Retention system stays open upon exiting for effortless engagement
  • Time's "Sensor" adjustment allows multiple floats without affecting release angle
  • Adjustable Q-Factor of 2.5 mm by swapping cleats from right to left
  • Release angle : 15°

Time's well-received iClic Carbon Carboflex stompers have been refined into the excellent Time iClic 2 Carbon Carboflex pedals. Increasing durability of both pedal and cleat was paramount on Time's engineers minds when crafting the iClic 2. New stainless steel wear plates help to protect the contact surface of both pedal and cleat. Additionally, the cleat itself is made from a more durable compound to resist cracking.

At it's core, however, the iClic 2 shares all the stellar attributes of the iclic; effortless entry and exit, an ultra-low profile, and micro-weight. The remarkable retention system is based on a carbon-fiber leaf spring instead of steel coils, which have been the traditional means of keeping tension on your cleats and your feet secured to the pedals. Time's iClic leaf-spring system greatly reduces the force required to "clip in," and also practically eliminates the weight factor of the spring.

Time's iClic 2 Carbon Carboflex pedals will take you beyond where you thought you could go.