SRAM XX1 Grip Shifter 11-Speed

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Highlighted Features

  • Weights
    • Shifter only - 88 grams
    • Short/right grip  - 36 grams
    • Long/left grip  - 62 grams
  • 11-speed compatible only
  • Includes lock-on grips
  • Lock-On Grip technology secure grip and shifter into one unit
  • Rolling Thunder Ball Bearing technology
    • Zero friction
    • Less force required for shifts
  • Speed Metal index shifting uses aluminum components
  • X- Actuation 1:1 cable movement to derailleur movement
  • Tailored for 11-speed 

This is not the twister you remember (or have heard about) from 1995. SRAM's XX1 11-Speed Grip Shifter is an updated design, proven by Jaroslav Kulhavy, in both ten-speed form (victory in the 2011 World Championships) and eleven-speed (gold at the 2012 olympics).

Rotating on three rows of bearings, the shift ring is solid and smooth. X-Actuation—SRAM's 1:1 cable pull-to-derailleur movement—retains the characteristic positive feel of SRAM trigger shifters. Superior seals coupled with the aforementioned bearings keep the XX1 Grip Shifters running smoothly, maintenance-free, for intervals on par with the best trigger shifters. Another major improvement over previous twister designs is Speed Metal index shifting. Abolishing the old plastic internals with an aluminum indexing surface eliminates the play that tended to develop in previous generations of Grip Shifters.

Aesthetically, XX1 Grip Shifters win out over triggers, with nothing to interrupt the handlebars silhouette. Lock-On Grip technology creates a grip and shifter that flow into each other for a clean, streamlined look. The carbon fiber cover plate is a slick touch, adding to the premium look and feel of the XX1 Grip Shift shifter. 

Changing a cable, something that gave owners of the original Grip Shift shifters fits, is now a plug-and-play procedure, no more twisting, looping, and hoping. Simply shift to the correct highest gear, remove the carbon cover, and push the cable out. Like a trigger shifter, the new cable inserts back in the same port. 

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