SRAM-Avid XX Rear Disc Brake 140mm Rotor

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight of entire system weighs 400 grams (185)/ brake weighs 191 grams
  • Forged Magnesium lever body
  • Carbon lever blade
  • Titanium hardware
  • Taperbore technology
  • Power Reserve Geometry
  • Ambidextrous
  • Forged Magnesium caliper body
  • 2-Piece rotor - Aluminum center
  • Oversized pistons maximize power


The Avid XX disc brakes are designed to be the most powerful and lightest brakes in the XC market. We would have to agree. You'll be hard pressed to find a more powerful brake at this weight. The carbon levers are 30% lighter than a Juicy ultimate and lose nothing in strength. One bolt secures the lever in place and that bolt, along with all the hardware of the XX brake is made from Titanium.

Follow the line down to the caliper and you'll find a stiff, lightweight, 2-piece magnesium body. That body sent the pistons to the gym for two months and they came back looking like an Eastern European olympic weight lifter from the 80's. No, they're not on steroids, but they're huge! Continue thru the system and you come to the Clean sweep X two piece rotor. Two piece rotors are nothing new. Race cars have used them for years thanks to their light weight, but the cycling world has taken longer to catch on.

Add it all together for a mere 400 grams for the entire system; that's caliper, 185mm rotor, lever, hose, fluid, hardware and adapter. For all you who think that's heavy, take into consideration that most companies only weigh the brake (lever and caliper) which in our case weighs 194 grams. So yes, it is lighter than anything else out there.