Speedplay Zero Pedal Chromoly

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Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 105 grams (each, pedal only)
  • Dual-sided entry
  • Zero to fifteen degrees of micro-adjustable float
  • 37 degrees of cornering clearance
  • 11 .5 mm stack height (3 hole mounting)
  • Side to side, fore and aft, rotational adjustments are all separate from each other
  • Three sealed bearings
  • Grease port for easy bearing lubrication

Speedplay Zero CroMoly's like all Speedplay pedals are a unique entity. No other major pedal brand offers dual-sided, self centering entry. No need to look down or kick the pedal over, just step down and you're in. The Zero's also allow you to customize your float and release angle. Just turn the micro-adjust set screws on the cleat to run from zero up to fifteen degrees of float.

The Zero's advantages aren't just in ease of use or customizability. Speedplay's inverted cleat design provides a large, stable pedaling platform while keeping the pedal itself small for 37 degrees of cornering clearance to let you crank through turns, while the low stack height keeps your foot closer to the pedal for improved power transfer.

Zero's are built to keep you rolling for a long time. Three precision cartridge and needle bearings provide support, and the built-in grease port makes maintaining them a breeze.

Speedplay Zero's offer a level of comfort and customization unavailable from any other pedal. Once most people try Speedplay's, they never ride another pedal again.


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