Speedplay Light Action Chromoly Pedal

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Speedplay Light Action Chromoly Pedal Black

Speedplay Light-Action CroMoly pedals allow anyone to enjoy the benefits of incredible cornering clearance, up to fifteen degrees of non-recentering float, dual-sided entry, and secure retention. The one knock against Speedplay's, now negated, is that they require a little extra force to get in and out of, and therefore may not be the best for first-time clipless pedal users or riders with weak ankles.

Problem solved. Speedplay has invented the Light-Action CroMoly pedal for lighter weight riders, riders new to clipless pedals, or anyone who wants an ultra-easy entry and release system. The Light Action's use the same "true-locking" mechanism found on the high-end Zero pedals, but with less force required to clip in or twist out. Add the dual-sided platform for no-look entry, and you have what might be the easiest engaging pedal available.


  • Weighs 105 grams (each, pedal only)
  • Easy, dual-sided entry
  • Self-locating cleat design
  • Secure engagement
  • 15 degrees of float
  • Grease port for easy bearing lubrication
  • One-year warranty

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