Specialized Slaughter 2Bliss Tire 29

Price:$54.99 - $59.99

Intended Use

  • Street "Street" tires are lightweight with minimal to no tread. Casings will have varying levels of flat protection depending on brand and application. Street tires tend to be comparatively narrower
  • XC "XC" tires must be lightweight and have low rolling resistance above all. Single-ply sidewalls are common if rocks and technical terrain are not issues. Very low profile knobs cut down weight and increase rolling speed
  • Trail "Trail" tires show a combination of reduced weight for climbing and acceleration. Traction and protection against pinch flats while descending is increased compared to XC tires.
  • Enduro "Enduro" tires tend to feature more traction than trail tires, but less protection and support than DH tires to keep weight manageable for climbing. More prominent corner knobs and wider casings are common
  • FR/DH "FR/DH" tires have tough casings for pinch flat and puncture protection. Extra sidewall support allows low tire pressure. Large volume, aggressive knobs dig in and grab through turns and provide confident bike handling and effective braking

Works Best On

  • Paved
  • Packed
  • Loose
  • Rocky
  • Loamy
  • Mud

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Size Tubeless Rdy? Tread Compound Sidewall Bead TPI Model Stock Price Quantity
29x2.30 Yes 60/50a Standard TR 60 00115-6593 2
29x2.30 Yes 60/50a Grid TR 60 00115-6493 2

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Highlighted Features

  • Claimed weight:
    • Control - 800 grams
    • Grid - 955 grams
  • Casing:
    • Control - 60 TPI
    • Grid - Additional durability and sidewall stiffness
  • Fast center tread and tall side knobs
  • Folding bead
  • Tubeless ready (2Bliss)
  • 60a center compound, 50a shoulder compound

The Specialized 2Bliss Slaughter Tire 29 rolls fast, but still grips hard in the corners, granting you what seems unattainable: speed on tap and control to spare.

The Slaughter isn't the perfect tire for every condition, bet wherever you find a hard surface—like hardpack dirt or rocky trail—or anything that's close to smooth—think the Pietermaritzburg downhill track—it will shine.Low center tread gets rolling resistance down to almost nothing, that's where the speed comes from. Lots of square edges on the low-profile center blocks still provide excellent braking, and the tall, blocky shoulder knobs borrowed from the Butcher tire provide DH cornering confidence.

Although the transition zone tread blocks are low, they are well-designed. Placed perfectly with angles angled for maximum grip, the transition knobs give solid feedback when you lean the tire over, grabbing on for surprisingly little slip.

Extra puncture protection comes in the form of Specialized's GRID casing, with a tougher breaker layer and thicker sidewalls. Plus, these tires grip excellently, but won't melt away thanks to a hard-wearing dual compound rubber configuration. 2Bliss casing is tubeless ready: always use sealant!

For straight line speed and hard cornering performance, the Specialized Slaughter is tough to beat.