Specialized Captain Control 2Bliss Tire 29


Intended Use

  • Street "Street" tires are lightweight with minimal to no tread. Casings will have varying levels of flat protection depending on brand and application. Street tires tend to be comparatively narrower
  • XC "XC" tires must be lightweight and have low rolling resistance above all. Single-ply sidewalls are common if rocks and technical terrain are not issues. Very low profile knobs cut down weight and increase rolling speed
  • Trail "Trail" tires show a combination of reduced weight for climbing and acceleration. Traction and protection against pinch flats while descending is increased compared to XC tires.
  • Enduro "Enduro" tires tend to feature more traction than trail tires, but less protection and support than DH tires to keep weight manageable for climbing. More prominent corner knobs and wider casings are common
  • FR/DH "FR/DH" tires have tough casings for pinch flat and puncture protection. Extra sidewall support allows low tire pressure. Large volume, aggressive knobs dig in and grab through turns and provide confident bike handling and effective braking

Works Best On

  • Paved
  • Packed
  • Loose
  • Rocky
  • Loamy
  • Mud

Order Here

Size Tubeless Rdy? Tread Compound Sidewall Bead TPI Model Stock Price Quantity
29x2.20 Yes 60a/70a Standard TR 60 0019-2025 4+

Highlighted Features

  • Claimed weight: 730 grams
  • 60 TPI casing
  • Folding bead
  • Tubeless compatible (2Bliss)
  • Speedy center tread and aggressive cornering knobs
  • 70a center compound, 60a shoulder compound

The Specialized Captain is the perfect tire for control and predictability over any trail. Along with sharp-edged center knobs and a tightly spaced knob sequence providing traction and speed, there are stable shoulder knobs which allow aggressive cornering. An open transition space facilitates self-cleaning, which is a necessity on muddier trails.