Skratch Labs Feed Zone Portables Cookbook

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Highlighted Features

  • 75 all new recipes
    • Rice Cakes, Two-Bite Pies, Griddle Cakes, Waffles, Baked Eggs, Sticky Bites, Rice Balls, Ride Sandwiches, Baked Cakes, and Cookies
  • 50+ Gluten free recipes
  • 50+ Vegetarian recipes
  • Introduction about why real food works better for athletes

Are you feeling like you have to force down bars, gels, and chews, day after day? Have you tried all the flavors of your favorite energy supplement and feel like it all tastes the same? Have you ever thought that you could concoct something more appetizing with one hand tied behind your back?  Well now you can prepare your own portable, energy-packed delicacies with the Skratch Labs Feed Zone Portables Cookbook. This is the second cookbook from Skratch Labs written by Dr. Allen Lim and all-star chef Biju Thomas and has 75 all new recipes that can be wrapped up and taken with you on your ride.

The book starts with an introduction as to why real food is better for athletes and offers advice for how much nutrition an athlete requires at different levels of performance. There are step by step instructions and full color photos for all the recipes including two-bite pies, rice balls, baked cakes, cookies, and much more. A section in the book even shows you proper wrapping techniques for your delectable creations. With better nutriton, your riding will improve, but so will your morale because you will soon be eating as if you brought the Iron Chef with you on your rides.