Skratch Labs Feed Table Cookbook

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Highlighted Features

  • Food specifically designed for cycling performance
  • Plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options
  • An introduction with lots of useful information on how food fits in with an athlete's life
  • Each dish is lab and table tested
  • 100+ all new family style recipes
    • Pasta with Maple Carrots and Leeks, Chicken Madras and Yogurt Sauce with Harissa, Catfish Piccata, Lobster Mac 'n' Cheese with Fresh Tomatillo Sauce, Pepper-Crusted Cod with Sambal, Grilled Pork Chops with Kaboucha Squash Mash, Bison Stew with Barley and Belgian Beer, Chilled Soba with Spicy Red Beans and Poached Eggs, and many more amazing recipes

Chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Lim have returned to the kitchen in a campaign to change the way athletes eat. While athletes calibrate training and diet for better performance, it's a pursuit that often isolates them from friends and family, especially when it comes to the most social meal of the day—dinner. And athletes aren't the only ones eating dinner alone—research shows that most people are not in the habit of consistently eating with others.

Drawing from his work with professional cyclists, along with extensive research from a full line-up of scientists, sociologists, and psychologists, Dr. Lim makes the case that we are who we eat with. The simple act of eating together nourishes emotional health and in turn has a tremendous impact on how the body absorbs nutrients. In fact, for athletes this social fuel is as important as chemical fuel. It's a compelling call for athletes and non-athletes alike to return to the dinner table.

To inspire these family-style meals, Chef Biju Thomas delivers more than 100 all-new recipes. Serve up Sparkling Ginger Soda and Kimchee-spiced Salad, Grilled Romaine and Miso & Maple-Marinated Cod, or Red Chicken Baked Biriyani. Chef Biju rolls out easy techniques for making delicious fresh sauces and chopped slaws to add bright flavor to any dish. From drinks to dessert and everything in between, Skratch Labs Feed Zone Table is filled with food that's fun to prepare and share.

Comments: I had really high expectations for the latest FeedZone cookbook and oh boy! Chef Biju and Dr Allen totally knocked it out of the park. The variety of recipes, the helpful tips, and creative flavors make the whole food experience a delight: shopping, prep, and of course, eating with friends and family! I especially appreciated the thoughtful, detailed expression from both Allen and Biju in the first 30 or so pages of WHY this book and approach to fueling for life is so important to holistic success in sport and life. Stoked Art's Cyclery has this cookbook available for customers whether you ride a bike or not. Everyone needs to eat!

From: Janice, Arroyo Grande, CA, USA