Shimano XT Di2 8070 2x11 Front Derailleur

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight: 137 grams
  • Modular mounting structure
  • Syncro Shift feature 
  • 25% more powerful shifting
  • Optimized Di2 cage profile
  • Automatic trim adjustment
  • Two-year warranty
  • Made in Japan
  • Shimano part # IFDM8070

The future of shifting technology is finally available to us common folks. While Shimano's top-of-the-line XTR Di2 electric-shifting front derailleur was amazing, it also came along with a pretty hefty $425 price tag. Now, you can get a Shimano Di2 2x setup for less than half of that, without sacrificing the buttery-smooth shifting that made the XTR so awesome. Yes, trickle-down technology is a beautiful thing! Now that the excellent (and affordable) Shimano XT Di2 8050 Front Derailleur is available, you can expect to see electronic shifting becoming the norm rather than the exception.

XTR Di2's most impressive offering is Synchronized Shifting, which takes the burden of front derailleur management out of your hands without losing the range advantages of a full drivetrain. Syncro Shift is an optional feature which allows the front derailleur to be controlled by the Di2 system. When shifting with the right-hand (rear) shifter, the rear derailleur decides what the most efficient gear combination would be based on chainline and your preselected power output profile. Then, if needed, the front and rear derailleurs shift into the optimum gear combination automatically. Syncro Shift can be turned off for manual control of both ends of your drivetrain, but why would you do that? Your unused front Di2 shifter is easily repurposed into a control for Fox iCD-equipped suspension. Easy, automated, and efficient—this really is the future!

Shimano's 8070 front derailleur must be mated to an adapter compatible with your frame, so be sure to order the correct mount; high band clamp, low band clamp, or direct mount versions.

Eliminate the vagaries of cable-actuated shifting from your rides, and step up to a Di2 system drivetrain for flawless drivetrain performance. Di2 delivers hassle-free, maintenance-free operation that's more powerful and accurate than anything possible from traditional systems.

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