Shimano XTR Di2 9050 Shift Lever Right

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight: 63 grams
  • Synchronized front/rear shifts from one shifter
  • Optional manual control with two shifters
  • Ergonomic rotary design
  • Short stroke
  • Programmable functions including Fox suspension remote duties
  • Customizable inboard/outboard lever position
  • Three-year warranty
  • Made in Japan
  • Shimano part # ISWM9050R

Fresh cables and housing feel great, don't they? Like your drivetrain is brand new. As sure as the fizz follows the plop, however, those housings get contaminated and make your drivetrain feel old and worn out a few weeks later. Sealed cables and rubber ferrules are not the solution, electronic shifting is. 

Yes, making the jump to a Shimano Di2 MTB drivetrain is an expensive way to get out of regularly changing your cables & housing, but there are actually a few more perks to the switch. Bolting up a set—or just one—Shimano Firebolt XTR Di2 9050 Shift Lever to your bars brings a list of advantages to your riding. If the idea of keeping the untouchable gearing range a 2X or 3X crankset provides sounds great, while not having to worry about the shifting that accompanies such range sounds even better, you'll be happy to know that the 9050 front derailleur can operate independently of the front shifter. Front shifts can be initiated by the rear shifter, with the computer choosing the best gear combination according to chain line and power output. Brilliant. Of course, the option for manual control of the front derailleur still exists, along with the front shifter to function as a remote control for Fox Suspension mode features.

As demonstrated on Shimano's Di2 road groups, electronic-assist enables enhanced ergonomics and less effort at the levers, which 9050 Di2 provides also. Using a push-push design, each shift lever follows the natural arc of your hand, and the circular clamp design allows optimal positioning for every rider's unique physiology.