Shimano SH-R170 Road Shoes Black

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Highlighted Features

  • Carbon Fiber composite sole
  • Anatomical last
  • Micro-adjust buckle and dual asymmetrical straps
  • Breathable, durable, stretch resistant synthetic leather upper
  • 60-day fit guarantee

How it fits

  • Heel Cup: Narrow
  • Toe Box Height: High volume
  • Toe Box Width: Medium
  • Arch structure: Low
Actual Weight
  • 283g per shoe (size 44) 


The R170 is one of the best values around with a carbon composite sole, adjustable buckle and an advanced stretch resistant synthetic leather upper at a fraction of the price compared to other high-end shoes. The carbon fiber composite sole provides maximum power transfer while a curved, anatomical last offers a seamless interface between your foot and the shoe.

The two velcro straps are asymmetrical, allowing you to tighten them for a snug fit without pinching or binding. The R170 is the perfect shoe for the competitive cyclist who doesn't want to break the bank on a high end shoe.

Shimano shoes come with a 60-day guarantee so you can send them back for an exchange or refund if they don't fit.  


To me, these shoes have been a HUGE disappointment.  I've been using Shimano R077s for over a year and was hoping this would be a significant upgrade.  Not.

I was mainly looking for a little extra overall comfort, but mostly more air flow/ventilation.  These shoes have very minimal air flow and my feet feel just as hot, if not hotter, on long rides compared to the less than half the price old R077's.

Don't get me wrong.  Art's shipped these insanely fast.  And their "Show me how it fits" worked flawlessly.  My gripe is with the shoe itself, and that's my bad for believing the on-line reviews... which is why I'm leaving this less than stellar review.

Is the shoe terrible?  Heck no.  It's good.  It's relatively comfortable, but does nothing extra (over shoes half the price) to keep my feet cool on hot Southern Calinfornia days.


From: Dave - Los Angeles, CA, USA