Selle Royal Lookin Relaxed Saddle

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Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 780 grams
  • 260 mm long, 228 mm wide
  • Cover designed to keep you cool in hot weather and is resistant to water on rainy days
  • Royalgel provides maximum comfort and top pressure reduction 
  • Elastomer springs
  • Comfort cut-out in shell
  • Unisex design 
  • Recommended for riders who ride in an upright, straight back position 

There is some serious technology behind this saddle and every bit of it is aimed towards keeping your behind as comfortable as possible. A cover designed to stay cool during hot days and dry during rainy days covers royalgel-foam padding. This maximum comfort gel is very supportive but keeps you cushioned by absorbing vibrations and providing relief for your important parts. Elastomer shock absorbers add to your blissfully smooth ride.