Schwalbe Magic Mary Evo 27.5" Tire

MSRP: $84.00
Our Price: $69.99 to $76.99

Designed for confident, aggressive riding in loose or soft-to-medium-packed terrain and conditions, the Schwalbe Magic Mary is what came back when Muddy Mary and Hans Dampf went camping together. Sporting a flatter profile that begs to be leaned and driven into turns, the MM's heavily buttressed shoulder knobs dig into soil and resist deforming on rocks and hardpack, providing cornering grip on any surface. While the square center knobs could never be called low-profile or reduce rolling resistance to XC-race levels, they are not far away from the Hans Dampf; adequate for an all-mountain/enduro tire, with varying degrees of ramping, and provide traction and braking response to spare. Staggered shoulder knobs and alternating center knob configurations keep a semi-open transition zone between the center and cornering areas, maintaing speed through turns without requiring the cornering precision of a Formula 1 driver.

If your bike is built to pedal between technical descents, or if you want a lighter DH tire for forgiving tracks, the Schwalbe Magic Mary might be what takes you where you want to be. Steve Smith rode Magic Mary Super Gravity tires to clinch the 2013 UCI World Cup Downhill Title at the final round in Leogang, Austria.

Evolution (Evo) tires are tubeless ready, just add sealant!

Snake Skin (SS) equipped tires usually require only half the amount of tire sealant and have a light, tough, bead-to-bead layer of puncture protection.  

Schwalbe's Super Gravity construction creates a carcass with a flexible tread and stiff sidewalls. This gives structure and support for cornering while providing a responsive feel to the tires tread, and of course saves weight compared to a full DH casing.

TrailStar is Schwalbe's enduro and freeride compound, with a hard base layer, medium-soft center tread, and soft shoulder tread. 

VertStar is Schwalbe's downhill and freeride compound, with a hard base layer, super-soft center tread, and extra-soft shoulder tread.

  • Actual Weight:
    • 1078 grams (Trailstar Super Gravity)
    • 973 claimed grams (Trailstar Snake Skin)
    • 1130 claimed grams (VertStar Super Gravity)
  • Actual Width
    • Casing: 2.35 = 2.2"
    • Tread: 2.35 = 2.25"
  • TrailStar: Enduro and Freeride Compound - substantially more grip, better damping and handling control.
  • VertStar: Downhill and Freeride Compound - even softer with extremely good damping properties.
  • EVO Casing - Schwalbe's highest quality
  • SuperGravity casing - support and responsiveness without the weight
  • Tubeless Ready - designed to work with sealant under warranty 
  • Snakeskin Sidewalls - eliminates sidewall punctures
  • Open tread pattern 
  • Made in Indonesia

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Model Size TPI Bead Tubeless Rdy? Sidewall Tread Compound Stock Price Quantity
11600511 650bx2.35 2x67 TR Yes Super Gravity TrailStar Yes $76.99
11600539 650bx2.35 67 TR Yes Snakeskin TrailStar 5/15 $69.99
11600537 650bx2.35 2x67 TR Yes Super Gravity VertStar Yes $76.99
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