Reynolds Assault-Strike SLG Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight: 1546 grams
    • Front Assault 648 grams
    • Rear Strike 898 grams
    • Rim tape adds 23 grams per wheel
    • Skewers add 57 grams front/60 grams rear
  • Actual width
    • Front Assault
      • Internal 17.4mm
      • External 24.8mm
    • Rear Strike
      • Internal 17.2mm
      • External 24.9mm
  • Actual depth
    • Front 40.9 mm
    • Rear 60.6 mm
  • Spokes
    • 20 front/20 rear Bladed
    • Front and RNDS radial-laced
    • RDS 1-cross lacing
  • Includes brake pads
  • Includes spacers for 10-speed cassettes

Set yourself up for victory in almost any kind of race, and have some cash left over for the celebrations, with a Reynolds Assault-Strike SLG Carbon Clincher Wheelset. Aerodynamic versatility is this wheelset's goal, with rim depths of 41mm (front) and 60mm (rear), the Assault-Strike SLG wheelset will absolutely shine on every road race except climbing-heavy courses. Rolling terrain, criterium, and time trial/triathlon races are where you'll be able to take full advantage of Reynolds's aero rim shapes and Swirl Lip Generator (SLG) technology.

SLG, or Swirl Lip Generator, refers to the ridge located near the crown of the rim on either side. This strategically placed lip improves air flow to the tune of a 20% reduction in drag at a yaw angle of ten degrees. In windy conditions, the stabilizing effect of the SLG is even more pronounced. Further stabilizing and enhancing the Strike rear wheel is it's wider profile; 25mm compared to last year's 21mm width.

In order move the braking performance of their full carbon wheels closer to that of aluminum brake tracks, CTg, or Cryogenic Glass Transition technology utilizes a detailed lay up of specific carbon/resin layers for optimal heat dissipation. Fully realizing the benefits of this brake track requires the use of Cryo-Blue proprietary brake pads, made of a blend of polymers specifically chosen for the intended application. As the Cryo-Blue pads are an integral part of the CTg system, full potential will not be realized with any other pads. 

This wheelset is eligible for the Reynolds RAP extended warranty program.