Prologo Zero II Pas Nack Saddle

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 187 grams
  • 134 X 278 mm
  • 7mmx9mm Carbon Nack rails
  • Carbon composite base
  • Microfiber cover
  • Foam padding

Fizik and Prologo have made a name for themselves with flat saddles which find favor among cyclists who change position often and/or have an aggressive seated profile. The Prologo Zero II Pas Nack, like other saddles of the genre, offers great support for the sit-bones. With the addition of Prologo's PAS (Perineal Area System) relief groove, the Zero II Pas provides better blood flow to the perineal area and relieves pressure placed on the sciatic nerve.

The Zero II Pas Nack is the super-light weight version with lightweight foam padding and a carbon fiber rail system called Nack. Nack stands for Nano Aluminum Carbon Kevlar; these materials make up the carbon rail, with the kevlar adding strength and the aluminum giving resistance at the clamp area. 

Great looking, light, and comfortable, the Prologo Zero II Pas Nack saddle is an important part of your ride.