Prologo Nago Evo TTR Saddle

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Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 238 grams
  • 254 x 136 mm
  • Slide Control
  • Generously padded nose
  • Solid Titanium rail
  • 22% Carbon injected base for stiffness


Finally, a TT saddle with padding where it's needed most! When Prologo set about making the ultimate Time Trail saddle, they went straight to Fabian Cancelarra. Who better to consult than the World Champion? That collaboration brought about the Prologo Nago Evo TTR saddle.

At first glance, the TTR looks like a stubby version of a Nago Evo, but it is so much more. The TTR nose is 42 mm wide at the very front and slightly widens towards the center. The nose section of the saddle has a generous 22 mm of padding which remains all the way through the nose section of the saddle, supplying plenty of comfort for long stints on the nose. Channels in the base further alleviate soft tissues. 

Pro triathletes and cyclists occasionally install grip tape to the nose of their saddle to help keep them in place on their Time Trials, but the common man doesn't have an endless supply of bibs, so Prologo created Slide Control. Slide Control is the addition of 0.5 mm tall ridges on the top nose section of the saddle that won't tear your shorts but still help keep you in place. The rear of the TTR is wide and padded to provide a second "sit-zone" for when you need a break from the aerodynamics. The Prologo Nago Evo TTR is available with Prologo's Pro Ti Solid rail, which is a full Titanium rail. The TTR has a semi-round shape and measures 254 mm x 136 mm. A truly dedicated Time Trial saddle, the TTR will also do well for Triathlons or any discipline where an aggressive aerodynamic position is required.