Pedros Tutto Multi Chain Tool

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 361 grams
  • Steel construction
  • Compatible with single-speed chains all the way to eleven-speed chains, including Campy
  • Fit Dial
  • Retracting Pin Guide
  • Peening bit for Campagnolo 11-speed chains
  • Guide pin shear slot
  • Manufactured in Taiwan

Remember when 8-speed drivetrains were the cutting edge of technology? Oh, you still have your 8-speed chain tool? And your nine-speed, and your ten-speed, and now you're looking to get an eleven-speed compatible tool as well for your next upgrade? Look no further than Pedro's Tutto Multi Chain Tool, able to snap together all 1/8" and 3/32" bicycle chains, from single to eleven speed.

Multiple chain style compatibility is enabled by the rotating Fit Dial, which spins to present an anvil to accept either 1-8, 9/10, 11-speed, and a peening surface for Campagnolo 11-speed chains. Threaded into the Tutto's handle is a peening bit, which fits into the proprietary Retracting Pin Guide, or RPG. The RPG securely holds chain-connecting pins to ensure proper alignment. Once a chain connecting pin is installed, insert the guide portion of the pin into the Tutto's guide pin shear slot to cleanly snap it off. 

Constructed from cast metal, the Tutto is built to last a lifetime. Completely serviceable, and with ergonomic handles, the Tutto will encourage you to finally swap chains at proper intervals.

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