Park Tool PW-4 Pro Pedal Wrench

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Highlighted Features

  • Two 15mm wrench openings at 30 degree and 45 degree angles for best mechanical advantage, regardless of pedal position
  • Round vinyl dipped handle won’t dig into the hand like flat wrenches
  • Extra long 14” handle provides the leverage to remove even the tightest pedals

Buy the Park PW-4 Pro Pedal Wrench, and do it right now. It will last you your entire lifetime and then you'll pass it down to your kids. The long, robust handle lets you apply the torque needed to loosen stubborn pedals, and the thick, quality steel wrench face won't wear down. Ever. You can buy lots of cheap, stamped steel wrenches and wait until each one gets chewed up, or you can buy the Park PW-4 Pro Pedal Wrench once.

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