Oury Mountain Grip

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Highlighted Features

  • Actual weight 98 grams
  • The original performance MTB grip
  • Push on installation

A CLASSIC. The choice of all your buddies.

The Oury Mountain Grip is a perfect blend of cush and firm, of traction and comfort, of style and function. Large, hard blocks are mounted on a softer base for durability and dampening. Lots of edges give your hands plenty of surfaces to grip onto. The flanges are there to help keep your hands on the bars, but they work great as minimalist bar ends also. Available in lots of colors.

Comments: I have used the black ones (show the least dirt) as well as an orange and green (one per side to look patriotic)! The colored ones pick up and show dirt very easily, but it cleans off with a brush and detergent. Use a bar plug before putting them on as the ends are soft and tear easily.

I've also used these after cutting the end and with bar ends. The collar/outer flange isn't uncomfortable against the bar end. And they don't seem to wear out. Made in the US! A decent product.

From: Ashok Captain, INDIA